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singlePAGERS themes now available at themESC!

Dec. 17th 2010

singlePAGERS themes now available at themESC!

The people have spoken! Many people requested to have the singlePAGERS themes available to do with them as they (the people) pleased. Took me a while but I finally acquiesced to The People’s request. All singlePAGERS themes will be available to use free of charge as usual on the site and will also be available […]

New Post on illosizzle – Magnus Blomster

Nov. 20th 2009

Magnus Blomster (m)

ARTIST: MAGNUS BLOMSTER SIZZLE: magnusblomster.com BLOG: blomster.tumblr.com

New Post on Illosizzle – Joshua Middleton

Nov. 16th 2009

Joshua Middleton (b)

ARTIST: JOSHUA MIDDLETON SIZZLE: joshuamiddleton.com BLOG: joshuamiddleton.blogspot.com

Commercial vs Fine. Art, that is.

Nov. 14th 2009

The difference between commercial art and fine art is also the difference between starvation and survival, I think. If an artist, led by sensibilities and convictions that don’t allow him to produce works that are mainstream or appreciated by the masses – which would mean great sales and therefore survival – chooses instead to produce […]

And…..I’m back!

Nov. 14th 2009

After a short reprieve, the site is finally back online.

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