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Tot Brew

Nov. 13th 2009

Tot Brew beer bottle package design - final Tot Brew beer bottle package design - iteration 2 Tot Brew beer bottle package design - iteration 3

TOT BREW is a microbrewery with the philosophy: “everything’s great in moderation.” Concept In keeping with the philosophy, the flagship stout would go in miniature-sized bottles measuring *DIMENSIONS*.

Desire Package

Nov. 13th 2009

Desire Chocolate Packaging - final design

This was the proposed package design for Desire Chocolate, a health conscious candy company. Concept The design for the packaging was inspired by the company’s desire to decadently indulge the taste buds while remaining health and diet conscious. A health conscious candy maker is no short of a breath of fresh air. The candy was […]

Self Promo

Nov. 13th 2009

Self Promo Package - final design Self Promo Package - iteration 2 Self Promo Package - iteration 3

This self-promotional book — designed to match my web and print collateral (business cards and letterhead) at the time — contained a sampling of my latest works. The book fit into a custom designed envelope and mailed. Concept Since so much self-promotional material is mundane and ignorable, I decided to make the inside of the […]


Nov. 13th 2009

save package - final save package - iteration 2 save package - iteration 3

SAVE THE WORLD (from conformity) was an announcement for a grafitti art convention deceptively packaged as a CD Concept The CD itself contained a sampling of the artists’ work that would be featured at the convention and was designed to be the ticket to allow the holder into the event.

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