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Mar. 19th 2010

owlses website - iteration 1 owlses website - iteration 2 owlses website - iteration 3 owlses website - iteration 4

Owlses is a t-shirt brand that uses the world’s ubiquitous, smart, loved and simultaneously misunderstood extant nocturnal birds of prey that resemble and blatantly celebrate a (usually) stereotypical character in society. Concept The t-shirt brand is an extension of my own personal brand that’s heavily rooted in playful, minimalist but bold expression. As such, while […]

Tot Brew

Nov. 13th 2009

Tot Brew beer bottle package design - final Tot Brew beer bottle package design - iteration 2 Tot Brew beer bottle package design - iteration 3

TOT BREW is a microbrewery with the philosophy: “everything’s great in moderation.” Concept In keeping with the philosophy, the flagship stout would go in miniature-sized bottles measuring *DIMENSIONS*.

Desire Package

Nov. 13th 2009

Desire Chocolate Packaging - final design

This was the proposed package design for Desire Chocolate, a health conscious candy company. Concept The design for the packaging was inspired by the company’s desire to decadently indulge the taste buds while remaining health and diet conscious. A health conscious candy maker is no short of a breath of fresh air. The candy was […]

Self Promo

Nov. 13th 2009

Self Promo Package - final design Self Promo Package - iteration 2 Self Promo Package - iteration 3

This self-promotional book — designed to match my web and print collateral (business cards and letterhead) at the time — contained a sampling of my latest works. The book fit into a custom designed envelope and mailed. Concept Since so much self-promotional material is mundane and ignorable, I decided to make the inside of the […]


Nov. 13th 2009

save package - final save package - iteration 2 save package - iteration 3

SAVE THE WORLD (from conformity) was an announcement for a grafitti art convention deceptively packaged as a CD Concept The CD itself contained a sampling of the artists’ work that would be featured at the convention and was designed to be the ticket to allow the holder into the event.

Danjoe Old

Nov. 13th 2009

danjoe old website - iteration 1 danjoe old website - iteration 2 danjoe old website - iteration 3

This was the previous iteration of this site; a portfolio of my work. Concept The words that instructed this design were: minimal + clean + simple (but bold)


Nov. 13th 2009

danjoe website - iteration 1 danjoe website - iteration 2 danjoe website - iteration 3

DANJOE DESIGN is a portfolio of my recent work. Concept The words that instructed this design were: minimal + clean + swiss + simple * you are currently viewing this site


Nov. 13th 2009

badplate website - iteration 1 badplate website - iteration 2 badplate website - iteration 3

Through largely subjective analysis, BADPLATE is a terminal endeavor that seeks to establish: “just how evil is copperplate, really?”


Nov. 13th 2009

Tri-fold Folder & Booklet - iteration 1

This is a tri-fold folder with a diecut sleeve holding an enrollment booklet. Employer: CDS Office Products   •   Client: Western Dental


Nov. 13th 2009

Presentation Folder - Final Design

This is a presentation folder containing fee schedules and plan designs. Employer: CDS Office Products   •   Client: Western Dental

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