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Mar. 19th 2010

owlses website - iteration 1 owlses website - iteration 2 owlses website - iteration 3 owlses website - iteration 4

Owlses is a t-shirt brand that uses the world’s ubiquitous, smart, loved and simultaneously misunderstood extant nocturnal birds of prey that resemble and blatantly celebrate a (usually) stereotypical character in society. Concept The t-shirt brand is an extension of my own personal brand that’s heavily rooted in playful, minimalist but bold expression. As such, while […]

Danjoe Old

Nov. 13th 2009

danjoe old website - iteration 1 danjoe old website - iteration 2 danjoe old website - iteration 3

This was the previous iteration of this site; a portfolio of my work. Concept The words that instructed this design were: minimal + clean + simple (but bold)


Nov. 13th 2009

danjoe website - iteration 1 danjoe website - iteration 2 danjoe website - iteration 3

DANJOE DESIGN is a portfolio of my recent work. Concept The words that instructed this design were: minimal + clean + swiss + simple * you are currently viewing this site


Nov. 13th 2009

badplate website - iteration 1 badplate website - iteration 2 badplate website - iteration 3

Through largely subjective analysis, BADPLATE is a terminal endeavor that seeks to establish: “just how evil is copperplate, really?”

illo sizzle

Nov. 12th 2009

illo/sizzle website - iteration 1 illo/sizzle website - iteration 2 illo/sizzle website - iteration 3

ILLO/SIZZLE is, as the tagline so succinctly puts: “a pretty sweet repository of illustrators’ websites” Concept The site is a frequently updated, objective and unadulterated listing of illustrators websites from around the world. For better accessibility as the listing grows, the entries are categorized and further sub-categorized into the illustrators’ styles and their preferred media […]

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