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Owlses is a t-shirt brand that uses the world’s ubiquitous, smart, loved and simultaneously misunderstood extant nocturnal birds of prey that resemble and blatantly celebrate a (usually) stereotypical character in society.


The t-shirt brand is an extension of my own personal brand that’s heavily rooted in playful, minimalist but bold expression. As such, while one might expect an overbearing design sensibility from the Owlses call to action (getCharacter!), the site itself is largely understated and gives the products room to breath.

The words that instructed this design were:

minimal + clean + simple (but bold)

The Tshirts

the generOWL · the prepOWL

4 Comments to “Owlses”

  1. Love your artwork and your website!

  2. Love your site layout and palette.
    It’s inspired me to theme my desktop with your colours. :)

  3. good dzign

  4. Very nice site Joe. Remember me? this is gerald from CSUF?

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